Good day, welcome, and thank you for joining me on this adventure into, what is for me at least, unknown territory. My debut thriller, The Sequence, published in September of 2021 has won several awards, including a Hugo nomination for the Astounding Award, for best new writer. I’m in the final stages of completing the manuscript for the sequel entitled, False Ignition, the second of a planned four book quadrilogy.

Social media and I haven’t been the best of friends over the years, and the space is experiencing some serious chaos at the moment, but I like what I see here at Substack, and I intend to stay, and more importantly, contribute. Twitter and Instagram have been my main focus in the past, where you can find me on both platforms @lucientelford plus an irregular blog on my website which I intend to rectify here at Substack.

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With a regular insight into not only my writing process, but the ins ands outs of juggling fatherhood, marriage, a full time airline pilot career, and somewhere in there, finding time to entertain myself. Time management, phewf, what a concept!

There will be an occasional post of my work in progress, early chapters that give away no spoilers, but hopefully to generate some excitement as release date approaches.

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Author of The Sequence. Hugo nominated for the Astounding Award, 1st place CIBA Global Thriller Award, IPPY Silver Award Medalist for Suspense/Thrillers, CYGNUS Sci-Fi Award longlist. Husband. Father. Aviator. Not necessarily in that order.